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Found 18 results

  1. Hello! I have a mystery I need help solving. There is a bird-call that I hear and never see the culprit. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona region (West Valley). The call is VERY high pitched, lasts about 3ish seconds, and is a clear, piercing downward whistle. It slowly sinks down through a couple notes very similar to how a slide whistle would navigate through its pitch. To me its not mechanical or grating sounding like some birds. The thing is, it only does this downward whistle 2-4 times and then presumably flies off. I might hear it once again over the next 2 days. So it's hard for me to anticipate when i'll hear it, or to be able to get something to record it on time. I heard it again in my backyard, through the window this morning at around 7am and its Feb, so maybe its something passing through? Has anyone heard this bird? "EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee......." x 4, hehe
  2. Austin TX this morning. Keeps visiting my safflower feeder with the finches. Winter nonbreeding plumage on a Nashville warbler?
  3. Sora?

    Hello, I am very new to birding, and was hoping for a little help from the experts. After looking through numerous photos and descriptions, I was pretty sure I'd identified this little guy as a Sora, but I'm just not sure; the description on the Sora's page refers to them being shot by hunters, but the birds we saw were very small -- maybe they were all babies? We saw them on Jan. 19, 2018 on Great Stirrup Cay, the Bahamas -- they were scuttling around under the beach chairs, hopping, stealing french fries and other scraps. Attached is the best picture I was able to take -- they moved very quickly. Thank you!
  4. Woodpecker

    I believe that this is some type of wood pecker. 1pm today, East Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Please does anyone know what kind ? Or is it something else. Link to photo just below. Thank you. http://garden.cathrynhatfield.com/bird-id/
  5. Hello, just found this discussion forum! I am trying to figure out the identification of a small bird I have seen in my backyard. Here is what I can pass along (sorry I do not have a photo). Seen in southern Indiana, Louisville metro area , town of Clarksville, neighborhood less than 2 miles from Ohio River. Winter ... seen at least three different days in December, including yesterday, December 30, 2017! Light drab grayish olive green above, very pale beige with faint tint of of olive green or light buff yellowish on breast. Looks like some kind of warbler, about 4.5 inches long? Small, about the same size as a Goldfinch, and I thought at first it was a female/juvenile in winter, but there are no black/white wingbars, so now I am sure it is not a goldfinch. At bird feeder, and seemed to appear at about the same time as tufted titmouse and chickadee, was probably associating with them. Perhaps some type of warbler, but I thought all of them would be gone for the winter in this area! Any ideas on possible ID? Or educated guesses. THANK YOU!
  6. Hard to ID Hawk

    We took this photo in Zion National Park in January of this year. It was way high on the cliff, and we used digiscoping to take the photo. Did not hear the call, so would love to have someone help me ID it. Thanks! Glenda K
  7. http://imgur.com/DT7yYuM Taken yesterday afternoon
  8. Baby owl?

    Looking to id this bird. I get them every year under my awning. It only during early winter (november) and at night. I live in metro st. Louis. I currently have 2 under each corner and they dont spook. I can work around them and in and out of the door and they dont move. https://drive.google.com/a/umsl.edu/file/d/0B-Rj5xCLqrrvV1lnMEtxNVZ2ZTA/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/a/umsl.edu/file/d/0B-Rj5xCLqrrvMVlqX3lqUy1ja0E/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Hi, All-- I need some expert opinions. This photo was taken Feb. 28 of this year on the intracoastal waterway near Port St. Joe, Gulf co., FL. I thought all the birds in the pic were DCC, but the one up front gave me pause, since there is a white border around the chin suggesting Neotropic, but this is not the area for NC. I did not use size comparison, as I felt it might not be accurate, since the possible NC is more in the foreground. Thoughts? http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/floraphile/media/IMG_6031%20-%20Copy_zpsiedvwupk.jpg.html
  10. bird by peter spencer, on Flickr I have not seen this kind of bird here in winter in Winnipeg until now. Is it an early visitor from south or one that stays here in winte? Peter.
  11. sparrow by peter spencer, on Flickr This sparrow was on my crabapple tree in -10 degree C Winnipeg weather--with all puffed-up feathers. I looked into Kaufman guide and can't ID it. Thanks Peter
  12. IMGP9391 by liz feltham, on Flickr Of the many many small birds that hang out in the yard, this was the first I'd seen of this one. Watched yesterday as she (?) did this burrowing action in the ground cover (searching for dinner?). Thinking wren of some sort, but I'm terrible with the tiny birds. Thank you!
  13. From London Ontario Canada. Saw this pair of Geese on the Thames River, here in London but unable to identify. Similar to a Bean Goose, or and White fronted goose, but the pouch under the chin makes me wonder if it might be a Dewlap Toulouse. None are likely to be here, but there is only one pair and while they seem to hang solo they are often amongst the Canada Geese. Of course it could be a cross or a domestic goose gone wild! Would welcome your thoughts. (iPhone photo by friend L. Armstrong). Cheers, Diane
  14. Hello Whatbird community, We're getting ready to post a new photo essay on the Chesapeake Bay Program website featuring some of my "winter wildlife" photos from this past season, and thought I would share the full Flickr set with you guys first. The set starts with a few mammals, but lots of birds after. Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you happen to see any missed I.D.'s. I'll share the photo essay next week when my colleagues are finished with the text. All the best, Steve Droter
  15. Hi - this beautiful little bird was outside my office window at my feeder this morning. He is a little larger than a tufted titmouse but not as big as a robin. We had an unusual snow this week so I thought maybe he came while he would blend in! This photo was taken 1/31/14 in North Georgia (Clarkesville). The photo quality is not great as I had to use my camera on my phone and snap the photo through my window. Any information would help!
  16. Help me identify this bird

    Please help me identify this New Jersey bird. I know the image quality really isn't that great- the bird is in the middle. Thank you, any guesses would be appreciated as well, since it's hard to make out the details.
  17. Seeking help with identification of these birds who have been regular visitors to our backyard feeders in the Washington DC suburbs. Sighted in late November and December.
  18. This bird has been hanging around the area, I have 5 acres in western Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I think they are rare for this area, can anyone help me identify it? Thanks