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Specifying storage location

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If you cannot run the program, because of what you say above then I do not see how you can change its settings. Ignoring the fact for a moment that you say the device is inoperable, If the memory is absolutely full then I don't see how you could make any changes...without going into a long explanation of what takes place, making any change in memory requires at least double the amount of space that the entry you are changing occupies...if the entry is 10 characters long and you are going to replace it with an entry that is also exactly 10 characters long then you need 20 plus operating overhead. There is an overhead even if the data changed is changed in situ.


BUT, you cant do any of that because you cant run any other application (if you were clever enough to be able to write such a stand alone app that would just make these changes for you) because you don't have any free memory.


Looking at it from the opposite angle, if you remove the app freeing up some memory then there are no entries to change...even if you knew the memory location that the relevant entry was going to occupy when you install the app and you then pre-filled it with what you need, then as soon as you install the program that location will be overwritten.


You have perhaps two alternatives.


1) remove some other app to give needed space, or

2) get a device with more memory

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