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Ibird Pro / Android 4.4 (kitkat)

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goofy166    62

I've confirmed that the scrolling "thumb" is no longer displayed in Kitkat 4.4. We are working on a fix. Good news is that swiping still works so you can move up and down in the Browse screen. Also a quick way to get to the start of any particular bird name is to type the first few letters of its name in the Keyword field.


Gilnor01 can you let us know if you find any other issues with 4.4? it would be much appreciated. We will be looking ourselves and I will post anything that we find here.



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Gilnor01    2

Using Galaxy S3 on Kitkat the scroolin button work if we select Keyword or/Latin or &BandCode and try to scrool up or down, then le scroolin button can be use and work. 

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