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On 7/26/2014 at 10:29 AM, guy_incognito said:

Just got some improved photos of the hybrid Bunting this morning:



Indigo x Lazuli Bunting by mattag2002, on Flickr


Indigo x Lazuli Bunting by mattag2002, on Flickr

I know this post is almost 3 years ago, but I missed it then and wanted to say now, "Awesome shots!!". Guy, I hope you see this post. Great photos of an unusual bird!!

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When I was reviewing my video of my state first White-throated Sparrow in my yard, I found a White- x Golden-crowned Sparrow hybrid foraging for sunflower seeds in the background. At the time when I was recording the White-throated Sparrow I originally thought the hybrid was a GCSP.

The next day, I refound the bird again and got better photographs of it. It continued for about 4 days until it left along with our unusually large flock of GCSP.

It will probably breed with Golden-crowned Sparrows as it never hung around with the WCSP and always stuck with the GCSP.


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Northern Flicker Red-shafted x Yellow-shafted Hybrid (I've seen two but this is my better photo)


Yellow-rumped Warbler Myrtle x Audubon's Hybrid


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