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android 4.4.2 kitkat storage question.

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Hello there fellow IBirders, happy holidays to all,


I have a new tracfone which uses kit kat 4.4.2, it has limited space.  Installing Ibird pro doesn't fill it up, but it almost does, so there is a perpetual notice about being on the edge of doom.  The phone has an SDHC card slot, I have a 32 GB card in it, but you can't redirect the SD card as a storage default for apps, all the apps are directed to the internal storage.


    When I download Ibird I get a 682 MB file, when I run Ibird for the first time it extracts the database.  Is there a downloaded file which is not needed once the database has been extracted?  I can see the stored files on the phone, both in the internal storage and in the SD Card, so I can delete an unneeded file, if there is one, and perhaps gain some space.


Is there a config file, which can be editied, which refers to the location of the extracted database when the app is launched?


Your app is the only one I really want on my phone, so I can delete other stuff if necessary, but am hoping to get a little room for a couple other apps.


Thank you,


Mark E

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The Android Operating System is in control here, and no longer allows the Database to be moved to the SD Card.  We the Developers have no control over this.



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