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Are these Eastern Fox Squirrels (black)?

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That would be the norm, but these guys are much darker than our normal squirrels here in central Texas. These are three different individuals:







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When I saw the title, I thought... "I know that it is fairly common for a gray squirrel to be black..."  but I wasn't sure what to expect here.
There are a LOT of squirrels in this country that I do not know...  a lot more than I'm aware of really.  Ground squirrels, etc... 

Anyway... I just did a quick search for texas squirrels and one page I found happened to have a picture of one SIMILAR to this... not with so much black but, the same marks around the eyes and the same overall shape.  Rock squirrels.
Without being able to say with certainty, that's what I'm thinking at the moment. 
I can say it's not a gray squirrel or a fox squirrel.  I can tell that just by looking at the shape and all. 
Very interesting...
personally, all I've ever seen is gray, fox, and red squirrels...  I'd love to expand on those.


Edit:  if you wish to do a little searching on your own... I just found this wikipedia page with a list of mammals in texas...
>>THIS LINK<< should take you right to the squirrel section and you can see the variety you have there.  Not all the links have pictures but, you can see names and do searches on them.
Awesome find and nice pictures.

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Just saw this topic.  And a couple of weeks ago, I saw my first Eastern Fox Squirrels.  Black phase and gray phase.  What incredible creatures!

18181189441_6b76c3716a_z.jpgEastern Fox Squirrel by carl, on Flickr

18160425622_d7b9671da0_z.jpgEastern Fox Squirrel (black phase) by carl, on Flickr

18152790426_e6cc60a33c_z.jpgEastern Fox Squirrel (Gray Phase) by carl, on Flickr

18181185781_1c2b3e0a66_z.jpgEastern Fox Squirrel by carl, on Flickr

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