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Your Owl Photos! Let's see them!

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Owls are my favorite birds!  Let's see your best shots!  I'll start:

Western Screech Owl, Pima County AZ, May 2016!



Looking forward to seeing your shots!

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One of the GH Owl fledglings we see each year:


11310890895_5c9b42a5cc_b.jpgHorned Owl Fledge by Shelley Penner, on Flickr


My favorite of the owl pics I've gotten so far -- two GH Owl Fledglings, fresh out of the nest:

19065713460_3afebd3d6e_b.jpgGreat Horned Owl Fledglings by Shelley Penner, on Flickr


Saw-whet Owl:

20330774841_7c512fc42b_b.jpgSaw-whet Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr


Western Screech Owl:

19764188194_2bdc1eede7_b.jpgScreech Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr


A very wet and sleepy Barred Owl

19764914104_34af7e7d2b_b.jpgBarred Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr



Pygmy Owl, the only one I've ever seen outside a wildlife recovery center:


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This is the only Long-eared Owl I've seen in the wild:


19789354873_66da56aa76_b.jpgLong Eared Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr



I've seen several Short-eared Owls, but this mediocre image is the best I've managed so far:


19787656434_8396ff751a_b.jpgShort Eared Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr 



And  last but not least, here is another one of which I'd sure like to get a closer, better shot, Snowy Owl:


19788794094_2b21c90cce_b.jpgSnowy Owl by Shelley Penner, on Flickr

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These two were taken in a classroom at our Nature Center, so not "wild birds".

But that day, I took a hundred pictures of a Great Horned and a Barred because I was bound and determined to catch them blinking! The Barred was tougher. Patience paid off.


13500936184_c6ede90726_k.jpgI felt the same way about the Periodic Chart of Elements by carl, on Flickr


13500303564_d44df2d9c7_k.jpgDamn by carl, on Flickr

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