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photos of bird nests

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If there's already a thread for this, I couldn't find it even with a search. I know nesting time is over, but I thought it might be fun to share our images of bird nests -- old nests, new nests, nest building, nests with eggs in them, nests with chicks, nests with broody adults, even dummy nests. Bonus if you know what bird made the nest and double bonus if the image has birds or eggs in it.


I'll start it off with two of my favorite nest images:


19314956835_ff10341a50_b.jpgKildeer Nest with Eggs by Shelley Penner, on Flickr



This Chestnut Backed Chickadee is excavating a nest cavity and dumping out the shavings. I didn't realize their tiny beaks were strong enough to carve wood.


11303065384_19dc1ed913_b.jpgChestnut Backed Chickadee Nest by Shelley Penner, on Flickr

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Northern Cardinal Nest - Poor Outcome.  Long story short - Eggs were laid sometime last Saturday.  Today the female seemed to be away from the nest for a very long time.  No sound at all.  Here is what I found.  She has come back a couple times and she sits on the nest.  Feel bad for her.  But I know nature will take its course and she will move on.


4/7 - I was SOOOOOOOO WRONG!  They are alive!  I learned that, at least for Northern Cardinals, chicks right out of the egg are motionless.  You cannot even detect any respirations.  Today, they are moving and at least one has open eyes. 

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