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Bird of Prey in Jacksonville, FL

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I'm a complete amateur, but my Google skills tell me this may be a Bald Eagle.  However, people around here say we don't have them and it must be an Osprey or some other type of eagle or hawk.  Thanks for any help.


We live on a lake and the geese and ducks were being particularly noisy this morning (more than usual).  I woke up to find every waterfowl on the lake (a few dozen) in a tight group in the middle of the lake, and in the center was a new group of 11 Muscovy ducklings.  This bird of prey was circling overhead, dive bombing the ducklings.  He would rest on a branch for a few minutes and dive bomb them again.  I got several pictures of him on branches and one shot of him swooping down and snatching one of the ducklings out of the water.



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Yep it's a Bald Eagle. Bald Eagles get their adult plumage 5 years after hatching. Your bird appears to be around 4 and a half years old because it still has some brown on the head as far as I can see. Nice bird! 

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Bald eagle were first "restocked" in Georgia, on an island just off the southern Atlantic coast. A friend of mine was in charge of the program for a time. It was successful, and that is a hop step and jump from Jxville.

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