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What bird song is this?

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I have been hearing these birds for a while now. This was recorded today, the 16th of February, and it is in Milwaukie, Oregon (basically Portland). The birds are about the size of starlings, and the same color from what I can tell. The song sounds vaguely like a red-winged blackbird, but seems different. I used to think they were blackbirds, but now I am not so sure. I was thinking they might actually be starlings. The last few times I've heard them all I could see were starlings in the trees, although the sound does carry a fair distance so it could have been out of view. If these are starlings, I know starlings imitate other birds, so is this an imitation or just a regular sound they make? Sorry for the video quality, but I couldn't get any closer than that without wading through the mud so there isn't much to see anyway. Any ideas on what they are?




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Welcome to Whatbird! I definitely hear Red-winged Blackbirds, both call note and songs. There's enough going on in there that I could be missing Starlings, Brewer's Blackbirds, Brown-headed Cowbirds, etc., and they will all flock together this time of year.

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Thanks for the response! There were definitely a few starlings in that flock. I managed to find another mixed flock today and got close enough to it to identify individuals. I could see starlings and blackbirds this time (I even saw them open their beaks to sing.) I'll keep a closer eye on those flocks and see if I can't find some more species hiding in there!

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