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We just got a Vortex Viper HD 20-60x80 Angled Spotting Scope and would like to do some digiscoping with it. I have done a little research, and wonder if anyone uses the phone adapters? The item I am look at is here: https://www.phoneskope.com/store/add_to_cart

What other options are there? We also have a Canon rebel XTI DSLR, but there dont seem to be many adapters that big

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Pretty sure that Vortex makes (or made?) its own adapter for the Viper that can be used with DSLRs.  I got one for my Razor, but really haven't used it much.  There is probably a learning curve and I should experiment more, but often the images don't seem all that much better than using my 400 mm lens and cropping. 

I will also digiscope with my phone, without an adapter.  If I extend the eye relief it often results in a stable platform to rest the phone at an appropriate distance to take photos.

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