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Switched Things Around

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Hey everyone!

Glad to of found this forum! I'm new to birding, and learning new things everyday! Love doing this. Let me give you my scenario. I've attached pics to help out, and I hope maybe some of you can help me too!

So I began my journey last year in the winter. At first of course, I was like everyone else. Went to Wally World and got some cheap feeders. I opted for the tube kind that you can put just about everything in with the little perches and 6 feeding ports. I have two 67 year old Southern Magnolia trees in my front yard that I hung the feeders on. Took about 4 or 5 days until the birds started feeding from them and then things just exploded. I dont think anyone around me feeds the birds, and I know my neighbor just hated to see them swinging from my trees, but oh well, she got over it. Started with the cheapo feed everyone gets (wild bird feed) and moved up to black oil sunflowers, and safflower. Squirrels took notice as well as every bird in Dallas it seems. By now I've went thru several feeders, and ended up with metal ones that I found at Tractor Supply here close to me. Soon after spring broke here, the squirrels havent been an issue, because theres always plenty on the ground to feed from. The pigeons and doves have figured out how to either get up on the feeder itself, or they grab ahold, and flap around wildly, and seeds go tumbling down everywhere for their enjoyment, making a huge mess everywhere.

To make a long story short, I'm going thru what most do that want to feed birds, from what I've read on the internet. The pigeons and big birds are literally destroying my front yard and grass, fighting over seeds. The squirrels just sit back and laugh while they are fighting, because they are gobbling down all the seeds. So I did some reading, and I came across the bird seed cakes and cylinders that are popular. I went to WBU and got some seed cakes the size of suet cakes. Picked up one of the Stokes Squirrel Proof Suet Feeders like you see in the pic, and put the cakes in it. Birds wouldnt even go inside for a long time. Finally they did and looked around, then left. I thought well maybe they want their Safflowers and Sunflower seeds they were used to eating. So I got the recipe off the internet with the gelatin, and made some DIY ones like you see. They actually turned out really well I think. I even bought some sunflower hearts and made some seed cakes.

Birds will not touch them with a 10 foot pole. Yesterday I watched bird after bird go in and look, and some even pecked a bit, but they look untouched to me. They have all literally disappeared now. It's like a graveyard or morgue, and it used to be party city. I could sit by the front window, or on my enclosed porch, and watch them from sun up to sun down.

I went out a bit ago, and I put up the little silver hopper feeder, and by the time I got back in the house and turned and looked out the window, there were 3 little birds that I think are finches with red heads and chest, and brown bodies. There are tons of them here, but I love them. They were going at it. I have lots of birds, chickadees, red cardinals, stuff I dont even know the names yet.

Am I trying to do the impossible? Should I just wait them out and have the attitude this is what I've got, eat it or dont eat?

Any help from the Pros is really appreciated! Thank you everyone!!




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