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Canada Geese Behavior

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I've been fishing in the same lake for the last three days and have found a pattern of Geese behavior.  I'd thought it would be fun to share and invite a discussion, if this is known behavior.

There is a very small grass island in the middle of the lake near one end and there is always (except for the one time this morning when he moved) one lone Goose sitting there, doing nothing at all.  All of the other Geese (It is a small lake and there are usually 3-5 other's always present) are constantly flying and splashing down and occasionally fishing.  Their calls are almost constant.  This morning, at some point the calls became louder and I noticed the solitary Goose participating in the discussion.  Finally it flew off and joined its buddies.

It has been fun sharing and I must say that the Geese did a good job of keeping me from falling asleep while I was waiting for fish to bite. :)



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