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Missing bird

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We have a red breasted nuthatch that we call Alfred who has been coming to our feeders everyday for months. He enjoys hanging out in the yard and will happily take nuts and seeds from your hand. It never fails that Alfred will be out there every day. He's the only red breasted nuthatch we ever see.We'll,  we haven't seen Alfred in about 2 weeks now. There are a few neighborhood cats that like to try to hunt around the feeders. Naturally I don't make it easy for them and I make sure that they don't have any cover near the feeding station but you never know. I'm sort of new to this so I guess my question is, are there any reasons why he would stop coming suddenly that don't have a bad ending? BTW I live in Montreal Canada. 

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Birds move around, especially this time of year. Its possible Alfred just moved to a new area further north to breed. :)

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