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Problems with starlings, blackbirds, and so on

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I'm near Minneapolis.

I have a couple feeders in the yard - You fill them from the top and the food comes out at the bottom where birds sit and eat...  We get cardinals and a variety of the normal northern, midwest birds.  I use oily sunflower seeds...  My problem is I've mostly attracted blackbirds and starlings and other birds that aren't what I'm after.  And they eat a lot...  They'll empty the feeder in a day.  And throw seeds all over. 

I've also used a mix of seeds in one of those vertical feeders with the screen on the outside for the finches and all the other small birds...  They're eating that too...

How do I keep these nuisance birds out of the feeder?

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Hi. Check out the link below to Amazon. This is a caged feeder. Starlings and other blackbirds can't get in these so they are great for the smaller birds. Unfortunately cardinals can't fit in either. But I have two caged feeders out and get several small birds using them daily.


Also consider a true thistle feeder. You don't need a cage around these because the perches are much shorter so only smaller birds will land. I have this exact feeder and the finches love it. I've never seen a blackbird land on it either.


They also make caged suet feeders. My favorite one and the one I own was purchased from DrsFoster and smith - see link below.


All the links I shared will help fight the black birds. I'm having many of them visit right now too so I understand your frustration. Others have suggested feeding only Safflower seed but I haven't tried this.

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