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flycatchers in Colorado

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Saw two flycatchers in Rocky Mountain National Park. August 4. I have my hunches, would love your input. Thanks!

flycatcher 1:



flycatcher 2:


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1. Looks good for Cordilleran, but leave it as Empid Species. The primaries are too short for Hammond's and the bill looks a bit large. The eye-ring is also rather thin around the top and bottom of the eye, while it also comes to a "point" behind the eye, both of which are characteristic of Western (Cordilleran/Pacific Slope) Flycatcher. 

2. It looks like an Empid of some sort, but  there isn't much I can say about it because it looks rather worn. The rather thin eye-ring, gray overall plumage and round head puts me in the Dusky Flycatcher zone, but I can't give you anything else but speculation. 

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NJ birder is on the right track. The first bird is a definite Cordilleran - long bill with pink/orange lower mandible rules out Hammond's. Crested appearance, teardrop shaped eye-ring, longish tail and greenish hue (even in this slightly odd lighting) also support the ID.

As for the second bird, the faint wing bars indicate a young bird, and the very round head and medium primary projection indicate Dusky/Gray. It definitely strikes me more as a Dusky though, although I'm still not sure I would add an ID with just this angle.

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Agree with David's replies on Dusky and Cordilleran for previously stated reasons. The top bird can be safely called a Cordilleran in Colorado unless there is substantial evidence to the contrary which typically comes in the form of vocalizations and/or in the hand notes. I am not even sure if Pacific-slope has been recorded in Colorado. 

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