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Kwame Brown

Atewa tour 15th August 2017

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An interesting scan at Atewa forest yesterday with Simon and wife Sandra for one of the finest in Ghana "Blue moustached bee-eater" and other incredible species like

Yellow billed turaco

Red chested cuckoo

Yellow throated cuckoo

Crowned eagle

Long tailed hawk

Cassin`s hawk eagle

Rufous winged illadopsis

Black caped illadopsis

Green tailed bristlebill

Grey headed bristlebill

Western bearded greenbul

Yellow bearded greenbul

Plain greenbul

Swamp greenbul

Red rumped tinkerbird

Yellow rumped tinkerbird

Yellow throated tinkerbird

Yellow spotted barbet

Double toothed barbet

Yellow billed barbet

Speckled tinkerbird

Black cuckoo

African emerald cuckoo

Red necked buzzard

Simple greenbul

Icterine greenbul

Common bulbul

Black bellied seedcracker

Vieillot`s barbet

Vieillots black weaver

Maxwell`s black weaver

Grosbeak weaver

Village weaver

Crested malimbe

Blue billed malimbe

Red vented malimbe

Sharps apalis

Blue headed crested flycatcher

Dusky crested flycatcher

Ussher`s flycatcher

Little grey flycatcher

Red bellied paradise flycatcher

Fraser`s forest flycatcher

Palmnut vulture

African harrier hawk

African goshawk

Western nicator

Olive green camaroptera

Gray backed camaroptera

Blue throated roller

Black bee eater

Chocolate backed kingfisher

Woodland kingfisher

Black and white flycatcher

Black necked weaver

Chestnut winged starling

Copper tailed starling

Chestnut caped flycatcher

Shining drongo

Velvet mantled drongo

Yellow browed camaroptera

Dusky blue flycatcher

Fire crested alethe

Slender billed greenbul

Golden greenbul

Little grey greenbul

Black and white mannikin

Bronze mannikin

African thrush

Red cheeked wattle eye

West African wattle eye

Barn swallow

Ethiopian swallow

African palm swift

Square tailed sawwing

Little swift

Lesser striped swallow

Rufous chested swallow

Cassin`s spinetail

Mottled spinetail

Yellow white eye

Didric   cuckoo

Klaas`s cuckoo

Green crombec

Splendid glossy starling

Brown cheeked hornbill

African pied hornbill

Black capped apalis

Rufous crowned elemomera

Chestnut breasted nigrita

White breasted nigrita

Grey headed nigrita

Western black headed oriole

Forest robin

Bristle nosed barbet

Naked faced barbet

Gabon woodpecker

Buff spotted woodpecker

Fire bellied woodpecker

Little green woodpecker

Pied crow

Splendid sunbird

Johanna`s sunbird

Buff throated sunbird

Collared sunbird

Little green sunbird

Western olive sunbird

Fraser`s forest sunbird

Olive bellied sunbird

Blue throated brown sunbird

Grey throathed flycatcher

Red faced cisticola

Tawny flanked prinia

Red bellied firefinch

Bar breasted firefinch

Northern fiscal

Brown crowned tchagra

White crested hornbill

Finsch`s flycatcher thrush

Black throated cucal

Senegal cucal

Tambourine dove

Blue spotted wood dove

Blue headed wood dove

Red eyed dove

African green pigeon

Red fronted parrot

Western bluebill

Orange cheeked waxbill

Red tailed greenbul

Northern puffback

It was really a good day for birding and a lot of target birds were recorded.

Blue moustach bee-eater (4).jpg

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