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Strange behavior???...gray bird

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So tonight (09-14-17) around 0330 hours at work I was at a ladies house in Southeastern San Diego (Skyline/encanto) area when I noticed this bird poop covering the wall and side walk. Look up and see this bird sitting there. Per the resident it's been there for a couple weeks. Is it just me...or is this a stange place for a bird to sleep?

I snapped a couple photos with my iphone, but it was dark out.

Is there enough to id? If not I can bring a better camera out next time. The bird appeard gray all over, light colored eyebrow, dark tail under coverts (I think thats what the bottom of the tail was called), and I caught a glimpse of the outermost edge of the outside primary and it appeared to be very dark in comparison to the body. The body did not have any obvious streaking, bill was light and possibly cone shaped...






Thanks for the help!

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