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Unfortunately I saw this bird from farther away before I could get a photo, and at dusk with tired eyes, and in the photo I only got the back. The warbler guide shows all great angles except the backs, just my luck.

Sheridan, WY, along Little Goose Creek in a residential/golf club area trail. There were two, feeding in the tops of bushes and small trees about 5" feet up. Other warblers in the area right now are Wilson's and American Redstart and a few MacGillivray's. I find Common Yellowthroat as well but this area itself isn't as reedy as others in the area,. I am leaning to a juvenile Redstart, they've been prolific in this area this year, but would welcome other opinions. Virginia and Nashville are very rare here.


Thank you!2017%2009%2013%20Unknown%20Warbler%20PSW

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greenish bird with no distinguishing features = Orange-Crowned Warbler in your area i think (tail length should rule out tennessee)

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