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Dropbox backup no longer working

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The problem is with iBird Journal. I've backed up to dropbox before, but it is now failing.  Please see the screenshot of the error message. The internet connection on the phone is fine. I logged out of dropbox and back in, but this doesn't help.


iPhone 7 Plus IOS 11.0.1

Please advise.






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On 10/7/2017 at 9:10 PM, beengee said:

The same thing has happened to me

I emailed support but their reply didn't make sense.  They gave instructions on how to move files from dropbox to iCloud, but no way to back up what is on the phone.  I replied, but haven't heard back from them yet.


Here is their initial reply to me which doesn't answer the question at all:


Name removed

Oct 6, 11:47 MST

Hi Mark,

We had to switch to iCloud because Dropbox changed the way there system worked so we no longer could use it. I have attached the article from our site about how to move your data over from dropbox to iCloud:
Sometimes the species will show up as their number in our system and not their name, so I have also attached the article with the spreadsheet that has the specie's corresponding name with their number:

Thank you for using the iBird app, and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance, 

iBird Support


The first article isn't on point at all since there is no apps folder in my dropbox directory and it didn't answer my initial question


The iBird journal backup files in dropbox get saved with filenames such as iBird Journal Backup 4-3-17.journal.  These are cool as the jpg files that I attach to my sightings are part of the embedded database.  I was able to get around the issue with my iPhone.  I chose the backup to email function and used Apple's "Maildrop" system to send and receive the large file.  

If you have an iPhone, this will work, as long as your database is <5 GIG.  If you have a different phone and a database <25 Meg, a normal email will work, otherwise you can probably use a Google Drive link.




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