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Bird bath water dripper ??`s

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My mom watched a show on public broadcasting that featured local homeowners who attract birds to their back yards. One person had lots of birds coming to use his bird bath which featured a dripper that connected to his faucet. It got my thinking about adding one to our yard. I googled and found drip systems as well as a battery operated system called a water wiggler, all claiming to attract birds.

I`m seeking advice from birders who have either a water wiggler or some type of dripper/mister. Do they work ? Pros? Cons? Suggestions?




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I use a small pump that feeds a little waterfall, and the birds love it. They bathe in the rest of the bird baths I have, but love to come and drink from right where the water comes out of the pipe. I think the sound of running water attracts them too. 

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I dont personally have a Water Wiggler, I dont need it in my yard (lots of trees, bushes, brush, birds), but a close friend of mine moved into a new house in an area with no trees or bushes yet. They got one and it helped to attract the birds flying overhead that seemed to be passing by their backyard. I do think they work, and if you look at the reviews on Amazon they seem to get good ratings. Thats where we read about them and they decided to pull the trigger and get one. Dont know very much about the drippers though :)

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