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Hummingbird Migration Habits (refueling)

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I have feed one family of Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds for the last ten years.  Firstly, just a mating pair; then, a male offspring joined the yearly journey; and this year, two more offspring stayed until September 30th and are now South.

I searches for information regarding Hummer activity while migrating and found nothing.  I'm curious whether they stop off to "refuel" when they migrate south.  I keep filling nectar feeders until October 15th, usually, however, I an not sure whether I am wasting my time in doing so, after my family leaves.  Any input?  Thanks

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From your location in Delaware, they do stop and refuel.  My resident hummingbirds in MS have all left, and I have quiet a few juvenile males and females still feeding at my feeders who are migrants.  At one point, I had 70 filling up at my feeders.  You are much farther north, so your migrants should be done at this time of year.  My last few (10ish today) should be gone within the next 2 weeks (at most) and make the big non-stop trip across the gulf to central america.

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I had a late visitor for much of last week, up until Sunday, the 15th. That night it cooled off significantly, and I haven't seen another hummie since. I took this shot last Friday, the 13th. I wonder if there are any other strays, or if she will be my last of the season.


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