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Cooper's Hawk visit

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I am pretty sure we were visited by a Cooper's Hawk today in Ogden Utah.  I got photo but it is not too good. After I took the picture I noticed he must have been digesting his lunch because there was a patch of grey feathers and down on the ground under the tree he was sitting in.  Any thoughts?  Will the visits become more frequent? Chalk it up to the circle of life?

Please advise





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I had a gray hawk about 2 weeks ago. I was sitting on my porch and i heard a sound like something hitting metal, and I jumped up and I saw this big gray hawk sitting on the electric wire about 3 feet from one of my suet feeders. There were 3 tiny birds inside the suet cage hiding on the other side of the suet blocks. I hated to interrupt his meal, but I figured he would get another one somewhere else, being a hawk and all. My first thought was to shoo him away. I didnt want him (or her) to think it was a safe place to feed, and to make a habit out of it. So my thoughts were to get him away from my feeders. I walked out under the electric wire and he flew away. Huge bird too, really pretty, and I hated to shoo the hawk away, but I'd rather have my birds around, and for them to feel safe while feeding.

I hate stepping in like that where nature is concerned, but luckily I havent seen the hawk since then. Maybe it was just a fluke and it will remember me acting like an idiot in my front yard, and stay away. I'm sure its still out there lurking out of my view in the tree tops :lol:

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