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iCloud sync feature

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I have iBird Pro on my android phone and had a heck of a time getting my favorites and notes to show up from older versions on other phones.  Now that I have the favorites/notes I think I should use the iCloud sync feature, but I'm afraid if I "enable" that feature it will sync with iCloud and wipe out my notes/favorites, since I have no note/favorites saved in the cloud as far as I know.  When it syncs does it send the info to iCloud FROM my phone or does it download what is in the cloud TO my phone.  I will go ahead and enable the feature if it simply sends my favorites/notes to the cloud whenever I add notes or edit them.  Thanks for clarifying how the sync feature actually works.  The page I'm talking about has "Sign out from iBird Cloud Sync (my email address) and below that is "Enable Notes Syncing" and "Enable Favorites Syncing," neither of which is on - the white circle is on the left side of the gray oblong area.

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