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So we recently started feeding the birds here in Northern Illinois and I want to attract more birds, and a bigger variety. We already get American Goldfinches, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, Chickadees, Dark eyed Juncos, sparrows, and nuthatches. We feed Nyger, peanuts, some cardinal mix, suet, meal worms,  and safflower. We have platform feeders and tube feeders and some different ones. How can I attract more birds? Do I need more food or feeder variety?

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Probably more variety. You can offer fruit (chopped apples, raisins, orange halves) for the fruit eaters. Not a lot you can do to feed insect eaters besides the suet and mealworms, but a birdbath will attract some of those species, because everyone needs to drink and bathe no matter what they eat :D Also next spring you could add a hummingbird feeder.  Also patience! As time passes more birds will find your feeders and variety should increase.

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