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hello! my boss took a bunch of bird photos in kenya and tanzania and i was hoping someone here could help me ID them.

1. northern serengeti, tanzania
2. northern serengeti , tanzania
3. northern serengeti , tanzania
4. northern serengeti , tanzania
5. nairobi national park, kenya 
6. masaii mara, kenya
7. masaii  mara, kenya
8. masaii  mara, kenya
9. masaii  mara, kenya
10. masaii  mara, kenya
11. masaii  mara, kenya
12. masaii  mara, kenya
13. masaii  mara, kenya
14. masaii  mara, kenya
15. masaii  mara, kenya
16. masaii  mara, kenya
17. masaii  mara, kenya
18. northern serengeti, tanzania
19. northern serengeti, tanzania
20. northern serengeti, tanzania

0011- what bird- pipit - shot on 16 10 -1 .JPG

0153 - what bird - shot on 16 10 - 2.JPG

0499 - what bird- shot on 16 10 - 3.JPG

1127-what bird - 17 10 -5.JPG

3281- what bird - shot on 1 10 -6.JPG

3900 what bird- shot on 3 10 - 7.JPG

3940 - what bird - shot on 3 10 -9.JPG

4770-what bird - shot on 4 10 - 13.JPG

4782 -what bird - shot on 4 10 -14.JPG

5770 - what birds - shot on 7 10 -15.JPG

5966-what bird - shot on 7 10 - 16.JPG

5968 -what bird - shot on 7 10 -17.JPG

6051-what bird - shot on 7 10 - 18.JPG

6100- what bird - shot on 7 10 - 20.JPG

6149- what bird - shot on 7 10 - 21.JPG

7518- is this a common fiscal or common fiscal shrike- shot on- 16 10-25.JPG

9388 - what bird - shot on 14 10 -28.JPG

9428 - what bird - it was shot at the same time as photo 28 (9388) - shot on 14 10 - 29.JPG

9569 -what bird - might be the same as - 11 - shot on 14 10 - 30.JPG

9723- what kind of bird is this - shot on 14 10 - 31.JPG

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I just got a guide to this region recently so I will check these out when I get a chance. Just posting to let you know it is not going unnoticed! 

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1. Grassland (African) Pipit? 

2. Pretty confident this is Hildebrandt's Starling

3. Red-headed Weaver

4. Black-chested Snake-Eagle?

5. White-bellied Tit

6. Sooty Chat?

7. Brown-throated Wattle-eye

8. Black-backed Puffback

9. Slate-colored Boubou?

10. Isabelline Wheatear

11. Bronze Sunbird

12. Honestly have no idea on this one -- maybe one of the larks?

13. White-headed Buffalo Weaver? Doesn't look like that close of a match but that's my best guess.

14. pass

15. One of the eagles -- not sure which. Tawny, Steppe, and Lesser Spotted are all possibilities

16. Common Fiscal

17. Northern Wheatear

18. Black-winged Stilt chicks, I believe

19-20. Eagles again. Not confident as to how to ID them.

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Welcome to Whatbird! I tried doing a few of these last night but gave up after a few. However, I didn't think #18 was a stilt due to the bill… even as a juvenile I would expect their bills to be longer and thinner, and photos online show them to be less bicolored. 

Also pretty sure #13 is a White-headed Barbet, and I think #12 is a Red-backed Scrub-Robin. 

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