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Laurel Highlander

juvenile Ring-billed Gulls

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Day 2 of XC road trip in Michigan UP, July 11, 2017.

I saw many adult Ring-billed Gulls that I'm pretty confident about their ID. It's the juveniles I'm not so sure about.

1. Two adult Ring-billed Gulls in foreground, right? But what kind of gull in background? It looked a bit different than all the others juveniles.

IMG_0033 - cropped


Now all the rest of these I'm guessing are all juvenile Ring-billed Gulls:



IMG_0031 - cropped



IMG_0027 - cropped



IMG_0086 - cropped



IMG_0068 - cropped





7. All juvenile Ring-billed Gulls?









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Yes, those are all juvenile Ring-bills. By now (November, that is), they've molted out those brown patterned backs, into 1st-basic plumage.

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