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Colorado Owl

Ebird Rare Sightings

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Hi all,

I have recently become interested in the meaning/variation of the words/symbols (ie. ***MEGA) put before unusual birds. 

Here in Colorado people don't seem to do it very much, but on the East Coast it is common. I recently saw a report of a Summer Tanager. The person said it was "***Very Rare", while an observation from a few miles away was said to be "**Rare". Does anyone have some rough guidelines as to the significance of these at the beginning of checklists? I have been hesitant to write such things on my rare bird reports thus far. Also, is a MEGA a first state record or something that has been recorded 2-4 times? Help is appreciated - thanks. 

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Those designations have no real concrete definitions, and are used by people with varying levels of experience. I'd treat the use of MEGA as an indication of someones excitement level about a bird, but not much else. As a reviewer, it's useful in that it lets me know the person at least recognized that this was a rare bird. I'd consider something ***MEGA*** worthy if it was a 1st ABA record, or maybe a first state record.

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