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Large Hawk-like Bird-Pennsylvania

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I just saw a pretty large hawk-like bird (at around quarter of 11 AM, Pennsylvania, suburban neighborhood, just outside of Philadelphia) fly from our beechnut tree to a pine across the street. It had a pale belly that didn't seem to have any markings. It's shape, I think, resembled greatly that of a morning dove when it flew (especially in its long tail), just very very large.  I saw the same type of bird just a few days ago, Friday night in the same tree at around 4:30 PM, same pale belly and long tail. I was thinking maybe a female northern harrier, but in the pictures its head seems so distinct (and owl like), and it looks like it should be very easy to see while it flies, and neither times have I seen this. Any ideas? 

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On 12/4/2017 at 5:23 PM, Nelson Briefer said:

I say there is little doubt that this large accipiter is a northern goshawk and is a female and is mature. Nelson briefer Anacortes WA. I am a new subscriber.

And I say... making such a decisive call about a such confusing bird without photo evidence isn't such a great idea. I'm not saying it's definitely not a Gos (they do winter in Pennsylvania), but a "suburban neighborhood, just outside of Philadelphia" would be an unlikely place to spot one, especially twice. Female Cooper's hawks can appear shockingly large, and if this particular sighting was inconclusive enough to merit a guess of a female harrier, I'd venture to say the jury's still out on this one.

And for anyone who's never heard of Nelson Briefer and his, shall we say, particular brand of bird identification, the below link will certainly be of interest.


Not trying to incite a brouhaha, just trying to keep things rigorous!

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