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A Few Desert Birds (Joshua Tree) 11-9-17 / 11-13-17

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Hi Friends,

I've been absent for awhile and until recently hadn't been well enough to get myself out to go birding.

I went camping with a group of friends to Joshua Tree National Park over Veterans Day Weekend and enjoyed seeing lots of beautiful birds. Here is a list of the ones I wasn't sure of.   I made a guess for each one, so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  Thanks for looking!









































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1. Ladder-backed Woodpecker

2. House Finch

3. Gnatcatcher…I think Black-tailed

4. White-crowned Sparrow

5. Savannah Sparrow

6, 7. Ruby-crowned Kinglet

8. Say's Phoebe

9. Hermit Thrush

10. Cooper's Hawk

11. Phainopepla

12. Hummingbird...not really sure what the options are down there, probably either Anna's or Costa's

13. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

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12 is a female Costa's, with the clean white throat and breast and short tail. I agree with all the rest, including Black-tailed for 3. 

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Thank you IvoryBillHope & darknight!  Much appreciated! 

I was confused by # 11 as I saw two other birds I thought were Phainopepla's and they looked a bit different, especially the eyes.  

Here is a better photo of # 11, the same bird I saw.   (It was also my best pic of the day for today)  




Here are photos of the two birds I thought were Phainopeplas.   One is the black, the other is gray.



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Those three are all Phainopeplas. The first one's a youngster, probably a female since there's no black feathers coming in. (A male should show some by this point in the year.) The 2nd one's an adult female, with the red eye, and the 3rd one is an adult male. Stokes states that the youngsters have brown eyes -- I couldn't find that detail in either Pyle or Sibley, oddly enough.

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