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Guana Wildlife Management Area, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  yesterday

The tail looks swamp, but has some wingbars.  

38892258861_fd0b91abb3_z.jpg171206 gma 092cl by Alta Tanner, on Flickr

38892252811_7916ae2185_z.jpg171206 gma 093cl by Alta Tanner, on Flickr

38892248231_f69fe27265_z.jpg171206 gma 095cl by Alta Tanner, on Flickr

This I called a White-crowned Sparrow; has notched tail and wingbars.  But was less than certain.

38892264361_71bfa2f01c_z.jpgWhite-crowned Sparrow by Alta Tanner, on Flickr

38892262251_ff64c228da_z.jpgWhite-crowned Sparrow by Alta Tanner, on Flickr

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