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v10.05 freeze-up at bootup

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I've reently upgraded to iBird Ultimate, v10.05 Build 178 on iPhone 6 plus (iOS 11.2.1).

I'm having a super annoying problem. Not sure if it's due to iOS11 upgrade.

Each time, when I start the app, it freezes at the initial screen for a very long time (see attchment 1).  It seems that it's stuck on some bogus filter as I see "Species: 0 of 944".  I thought it may be due to iCloud sync. So it turned it off.  Later when I start the app again from scratch, it freezes at the iCloud sync enabling prompt (see attchment 2).

After an unusually long time of wait, the normal screen comes up and I am able to interact with the app.





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I uninstalled the app, and downloaded/installed it again.  Still the same problem.  There are some random freeze-ups within the app that I noticed:

#1. I re-enabled iCloud again, and I tab "Close"... the screen is stuck for quite a long time;

#2. Open a bird's page, buttons on the bottom of the page: Range, Photos, Sounds, Similar... all appear inactive for a long time before they are active.

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