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New Years Arctic Front

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So everyone is getting some really cold weather, and we are starting to see below freezing temps that are supposed to last thru Wednesday here in Dallas, Texas. My feeders have been dead/slow for months during the fall, but now they have exploded in activity in a matter of a couple of weeks. The last few days I've had birds from dawn to dusk, feeding in both front and the back yard. I have 2 seed feeders, 2 peanut feeders, and 6 suet feeders spread out in the front and back. I'm seeing birds that I've never seen at my feeders before. The suet is a big favorite right now, and the sunflower hearts. Kind of slow on the peanuts, but they seem to be catching on more everyday. I moved them closer to the seed feeders, and the birds seem to be noticing them more. This is really incredible and I hope everyone is really having a big variety of birds like me. I guess all it took was a few good freezes to bring them all back.

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It's always dead for me in mid-autumn.  Here that's a period between when the summer breeders have left but the winter migrants haven't yet arrived in force.  I still get traffic, but not as much and it's strictly the local residents.

My permanent feeders include 2 BOSS feeders, 1 mixed sunflower / nuts / fruit bits blend, and 1 suet, in the backyard on two poles with squirrel baffles.   They're joined temporarily by a (largely ignored) thistle sock, and an unprotected pole in front with a suet feeder and one with peanuts.  The front suet and nuts are a brand that nothing will eat except the mockingbirds and squirrels, so I stuck them where those guys wouldn't bother anyone else.  When the contents are gone, those will come down.

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