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2. World's Smallest Field Guide - iBird Jelly

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In the last issue of Wingspan, we presented iBird Wallet, the credit card version of iBird we are developing for Kickstarter. Awesome progress is being made on this cool idea, but it won't be ready for several months. Based on the thousands of emails you sent requesting to be kept notified, it’s clear birders appreciate tiny devices that can be used as field guides and to play bird songs. So I thought you might like to know about another tiny device that will run iBird that has one great feature over iBird Wallet--you can buy it today. It’s called the Jelly Smartphone.  

The Jelly Pro runs the Android OS 7, is a full 4G GSM type cell phone, has a tiny 2.45 inch, 240 x 432 pixels screen, and costs only $176. iBird Pro for Android works beautifully on it. You will need to be patient with the Jelly's speed--it's not a particularly fast smartphone (its Quad Core CPU runs at 1.1 GHz, which is pretty slow compared to the iPhone that runs at 2.37 GHz), but it’s adequate. 

The Jelly has all the bells and whistles of a modern smartphone: 950 mAh removable battery, Micro SD slot, dual SIM slots, 8 mp front and 2 mp back camera, gyroscope, a 16 GB ROM, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 801.11 a/b/g/n, and 2GB of RAM, which is not much, so you definitely need to use an SD Card for your apps. 

You can buy the Jelly Pro from Unihertz athttp://www.unihertz.com/jelly.html

Learn more and leave comments on Facebook: iBird Jelly

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I would possibly consider it.  Can it be use as a normal cell phone and have other apps or is it strictly iBird?

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Like the story explains its a standard Android smartphone with all the features that come with modern smartphones including of course a cell phone LOL

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