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4. Survey to Determine iBird's Future

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"So many ideas, so little time." Why should that be our mantra? Because we have so many ideas for features we want to add to iBird and only so much time to implement them. Sadly, we don't have 5,000 employees like Amazon does to work on their Echo intelligent speaker (BTW, it’s a very cool product).  

Given our limited resources, we must be very careful about what features we add to iBird. We've been accumulating these ideas for the last few years and decided the best way to find out which are worthwhile is to ask you, our customer.  

Rate the Ideas. We set up a survey that lets you rate our ideas using a star system, much like you rate apps. Each idea is described in a paragraph. There are sections for each idea:  Free Products, Paid Products and a third section for your own ideas. You will rate the ideas using the system below: 

1 star = not interested 
2 stars = mildly interested 
3 stars = I'm interested 
4 stars = I'm very interested 
5 stars = I'm extremely interested 

Each idea has a comment field that will allow you to leave a comment. We are interested in knowing your thoughts and feelings in addition to your score. Our only request is that you score all the ideas, even ones you think are dumb. 

That's all there is too it. 


Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LQMKL6G

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No you don’t need to have iBird to take the survey. But some questions won’t be answerable if you haven’t at least used the free iBird Lite app. 

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I got an error trying to fill out the survey     [i admit it took me about 10 min or so, as i got some phone calls while filling it out]     

NEXT ATTEMPT did work,  but thought you might want to know this anyway....

Oh bananas!

We can't find the page you requested.

If you are trying to access a survey, please contact the survey administrator. The URL may have been changed or the survey may no longer exist.





i will try again however

Edited by ReDave
i was able to complete after 2nd attempt

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ReDave I'm really sorry to hear this happened. Its the first report of an error like this and we have over 2,000 respondents to our surveys. I'm not sure what I can do to help but I certainly would be frustrated if this happened to me after spending a lot of time filling the survey out. I wonder if the inactivity is monitored by surveymonkey and they have some routine that drops the http connection after some time? I'm glad you didn't give up and tried again and finished. We are getting some really amazing insights, especially to the last question that asks "what would you do to improve iBird" and will be sharing the results soon.

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