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American Black Duck and Cackling Goose Help

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I am wondering if anyone can help with confirming that the two photos below are of American Black Ducks.  The photos were taken on 1/18/18 at Lake Monticello, Palmyra, VA.  The photos are digiscoped and not so great.




I also am wondering if the goose at the end of this group could be a cackling goose.  It seemed smaller than the others, but I realize that this could be because of the distance between them.




Thank you for any help that you may have to offer!

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With the ducks, my answer would be a very tentative yes. The backlighting makes it impossible to say for sure. The goose, if I had to guess I'd call it a Canada. Size should only be a starting point with these guys -- look at the bill shape as well. With this resolution, I can't see the shape well enough to be absolutely sure.

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