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A roar of birds

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So, on my birding trek yesterday, as I came out of the woods to head back to my car, I could hear this roar of sound. It was on par with a waterfall or machinery of some sort. I walked towards it, thinking "What the heck?!"

I finally got out onto the nearby boardwalk and realized what it was. Red-winged Blackbirds. Hundreds of them, maybe more. I have heard large groups of blackbirds and grackels before, but nothing to this scope, where there was an actual roar.

I took video, and around the halfway point, they flush a little, and the roar disappears until they resettle, proving all the  noise in the video is them.

I focused on the tree that was most visible, but they were that thick everywhere, with clouds of them coming and going. Anyone want to do an estimate of how many for me? Lol.


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I’ve had this a couple of times.  One time I checked the radar on my phone as I thought it was a distant thunder.  It turned out to be well over 1000 mixed blackbirds taking off in a field multiple times.  A few hundred Grackles did the same thing this fall out in a field when they lifted off.  There was a dull roar.

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Yep, they can be very noisy, no doubt about it!! I've had flocks coming toward me that I could hear before I could see them! I think there's 873 in that flock, but there's a couple I'm not sure are Red-wings. :P

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