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seth Matthews

I'm guessing.... Starling???

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I'm guessing the one on the suit feeder is a starling?  and these brown fellas are Mourning Doves correct?  I'm in Southeast Ohio if that makes a difference.  Feeding Black Sunflower, and a "Classic Mix"



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Yes, the Starling will get purple later.  This is the winter plumage.

The main threat they pose to the other birds is that they will eat all of the food before any other birds get to it.

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1 hour ago, seth Matthews said:

Also, do Starlings pose any threat to other birds?

Come springtime, starlings are cavity nesters.  So if you have any cavity nesters in the area (like woodpeckers in particular), starlings can be very aggressive towards them.  They will try to take over the nest site, and usually succeed because they are relentless.

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I personally wouldn't do anything that might encourage the Starlings to hang around. They are an invasive aggressive species that will displace the other birds native to the area. As Bee stated above, they are relentless! I would go to the extreme to replace any suet or other food that seems to attract them, and try to use foods that other birds favor. It may be impossible to get rid of them once they start feeding there, but I certainly wouldn't make it any easier for them.

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