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Lots of Anna's and Costa's Hummingbirds around in the California desert.  Still having a difficult time telling the

female and juvenile Anna's and Costa's apart.  I believe the Costa's has more of a curve to

its beak, while the Anna's is straighter.  What are other markers to distinguish them?  What are the following?

1.  https://i.imgur.com/rvuKxIX.jpg

2. https://imgur.com/FRjSy89


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Female Anna's usually show mottling on the throat and undersides, while Costa's are smoother gray. Costa's also have somewhat shorter bills.  The first photo, though, looks more like a Black-chinned to me, with the long tail and the broad, curved outer primaries. (It appears that the inner ones get narrower, which would be diagnostic for Black-chinned & Ruby-throated.) I'm really not sure about the other two.

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