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Phil Sego

Gray Jay in Cambridge MA?

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Hi -

This is about the eastern part of Cambridge Massachusetts.

Two days ago, I am 99% certain that I saw a gray jay here. The look, flight, call, all matched -- but I'm outside the range. I've traveled extensively in Canada and I've seen countless gray jays.

In the past week, we've also seen here: Red Tail Hawk (newly confirmed by others), bald eagle on the Mystic River in Medford (also confirmed), dark-eyed junco and a white-breasted nuthatch (common in the western part of the city, 2 miles from here, but NEVER here). Sorry I don't have a photo.

Location approx 100 yards north of this point: N42.368417, W71.099790

Any thoughts as to why? And is it possible that I saw a gray jay?



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Checking ebird, it's not entirely out of the question. There are no reports in your state this year, they are usually up in New Hampshire. There are reports of Gray Jays in Mass. though. the latest in November of 2014.

Birders in your area would probably like to know about him, if you can find him again and get a photo as proof.


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I get hung up on range maps with birds I'm unfamiliar with.  It sounds like you know a Gray Jay when you see and hear one.  I'd go with my experience over a range map.

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