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They came and they've left (the feeder)

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Hey, so I'm a bit of a novice but I have a feeder on my balcony and after a few months away for winter the bluetits were back. I've noticed however that no one has visited the feeder for a few days. they usually come about 4 times a day in a group. 
Is there a big reason for it? 
I used to have a mixure of seeds, which created a huge mess from the picky eaters but ive changed to just sunflower seeds as that was what was being eaten  the most of. At first they loved it but now... I'm not sure. 
Is it usual for bluetits to change their feeding ground even if they have come back after winter or im hoping not, that there is something wrong with my seeds and I've somehow poisoned them??
Any insight would be appreciated. 

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Hi, and welcome.

You don't say where you are, which is always useful information when asking bird questions.  Since we're discussing Blue Tits (two words), I assume you're in Europe.  (I haven't heard of them before your message; they're pretty!)

Range maps show Blue Tits occupy most of the continent year-round.  This can be confusing at first glance.  It doesn't mean the same birds are in the same area all the time.  Some birds will migrate within their range, while others remain in the same place.  I'm not an expert on the Paridae family (tits, chickadees, titmice, etc.) but it could be they practice this behavior.  If that's the case, the birds you just saw were just passing through, and the birds from last year may not have returned yet.  Hopefully someone with better knowledge of Paridaes and / or migration habits will reply.

Traveling around in a group is a common behavior for this family of birds.  And as you've noticed, most 'Bird Food Mix' packages contain a lot of stuff most birds don't eat.  Here in the U.S., black oil sunflower seed is the most popular food (popular with the birds, that is), and is the recommended seed for people getting started with bird feeders.

Assuming you're buying packaged bird seed from a reputable store, I strongly doubt there's anything wrong with your seed or that you've poisoned them.  However, if the seed has been in the feeder for more than a couple of weeks, it's possible it has spoiled.  Throw it away, and wash and dry your feeder.  When you refill it, only fill it halfway or less.  This will reduce the chance of spoilage.  When the birds return (and they will), then you can add more seed.

Good luck!

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