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My husband found this young bird last year on April 24, 2017 in our backyard, near Branford, Florida, in the Northern part of Florida...but not in the Panhandle. We are about 60 or so miles south of the Georgia State Line. It was perched on a thin branch at eye level. He looked at us but never moved around much the branch or tryed to fly or made the slightest sound.  It was a breezy and cooler than normal day for the end of April. (The baby may be a she but I tend to say HE and mom as SHE to keep it all straight.) In fact, he took a nap while he was waiting for his mother to came back to him. It appeared that it was learning to fly, by the activity we observed over the next 2 hours. We didn't touch him but I did take a lot of pictures of him!  Some very close and some from pretty far away.  After I took some close up pictures, I move to a spot pretty far away where I could watch over him. His mother came back about half an hour later. He heard her chirp and started chirping like crazy. She came to him and fed him. Then she tried to get him to fly from branch to branch going higher each time...I figured she was trying to get him back to the nest. He got up into the big tree but was too tired, I guess, because mom left again and the little one took another nap and stayed very still and took another nap. She came back and fed him again a bit later and they went farther up the tree until I could no longer watch them. I don't know if he was learning to fly or fell from the nest, but I like to think he got back home, safe and sound.

I got about 100 pictures out of the heart warming meeting, but I have not been able to find pictures of a bird that looks exactly like him. I've checked for pictures online a few times but; The Yellow-Throated Vireo looks the most like them. One of the first things we saw on the baby was that he had BLUE legs/feet & Beak! The mom had a lot more yellow down her chest about half way then a white belly. I could see that mom had 2 white bands on each of the wings. The baby didn't have nearly as much yellow on his chest and his head and back are more gray looking with a yellowish tint on the edges of the feathers whereas the pictures I have seen online are more yellow/greenish...? I never got a great shot (camera)of the mom to see the color of her head and back. All the pictures I got of mom were with the baby in more shaded and from far away.  I could see that she had a lot more yellow down her chest, though. I am hoping to find out what they were. We had never seen any others around here and we feed the wild birds year round plus have a bird bath that they all seem to like. We feed black oil Sunflower seeds and Thistle seeds from different feeders in the backyard (We live in a very wooded area.) The only picture I have where you can see mom is in black and white due to it being in so much shade.5aa5ffae84528_BWFEEDINGTIMEBIRDSLIGHTER.thumb.JPG.e449c6fffa77a78a8bf14612ab8c5338.JPGDSCF7671n.JPG.2e2f77fcda02016ab103f9be73b7d5e8.JPG

If anyone knows what kind of bird this is, I would be very happy to finally know. Thanks.


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I agree.

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Welcome to Whatbird, @PrincessCharming. Now that you've found the forum, you won't have to wait a year to figure out those odd mystery birds. These folks are pretty quick to confirm or correct an ID.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome and all of your responses. It was such a heart warming experience to have this little guy at eye level, mere inches away yet unafraid. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of mom during her brief stays, but she stayed in the shadows and I was so far away that even my zoom could not get a clear picture of her. But when she flew away, I was able to see her bright yellow chest. I got one shot and it was very blurry.We love our furry and feathered visitors. Living in the woods has its perks! We have tons of squirrels that steal the seeds from the big feeder, so we now have 2 other feeders that they can not get to. The sunflower seeds and thistle seeds bring a lot of different birds. The cardinals will come to the front deck or follow us around outside, screaming at us if their feeder runs out of seeds or the water in their birdbath gets too low! We feel we have been accepted as a part of the animal kingdom on our little acre! From the animals, such as deer & squirrels, to the tiniest bird, we just love being able to interact with them! We had a couple of bald eagles in our trees last month, an awesome feeling! We were able to watch them for several minutes before they flew away! So beautiful! 
If I am able to get pictures of any of our new visitors, I will be sure to share it here, as I am sure I will need help identifying it. It seems that any new critter I see, looks different than any picture I can find online! I never see one that looks exactly like the pictures I find!

(Here is the shot of mom flying away)


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