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Help ID bird by call (with video)

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Heard this yesterday in western Connecticut.  Starting at the one second mark, there's a rattle followed by a hooo-mwah, hooo-mwah.  Then it repeats.  (Turn up the volume.)

I heard this call on and off for 20-30 minutes (maybe longer?) and shortly after I got this video it stopped and I didn't hear it again.  This video was at about 4:25 in the afternoon. 

Maybe sandhill crane?  I can find recordings that sound similar to the rattle part, but nothing that sounds like the hooo-mwah hooo-mwah.


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That rattle sounds like a crow or a raven clattering it's bill. Ravens especially have surprisingly varied repertoires, so that would be my guess. Blue Jays also do some odd things, although I don't know that I've heard one clatter like that.

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We have a boatload of crows around here--I've never heard this before.  The voice sounds different as well.  Can you show me a recording or video of a crow making the rattle followed by the hooo-mwah hooo-mwah sound?  I've poked around and can see why the rattle noise might say crow, but wasn't able to turn up anything remotely similar to the rest of the call.  Unsure about ravens in this area but will go google for raven calls and listen.

The call came from the same area, with no other noises that sounded anything like this, for 20-30 minutes (or more?) and then was gone.  I'd hear a couple calls like this, then a pause, then more calls.  There is a river in that general direction, but the call sounded closer.  In real life, the hooo-mwah hooo-mwah was more pronounced. 

The common birds that I hear all the time are red shouldered hawks and crows.  We also have a pair (or more?) of barred owls that just moved back in.

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I've been listening to a boatload of crow and raven calls (thanks so much for linking to the xeno-canto site!  Awesome!) and I'm just not hearing it :lol:  I understand why it's *close* but there's a ... hooting? element in what I heard yesterday that I'm just not finding.  Maybe I'm just nuts!  I hope whatever it was comes back :)

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