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Rare spider attack on Chickadee hatchling

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Checkout the link to these recorded videos that include some amazing events like a spider attack, bee getting removed, removal of dead hatch-lings, female swallow attacking and evicting another female, young being fed and cleaned up and more. I will keep adding any interesting events to the folder:

Link To Videos Of Nesting Activities & Adventures

Also Checkout the link to my live 24/7 USTREAM channel to follow the  progress this season


So far this season several Violet Green Swallows and a Black Capped Chickadee have begun to check out and go inside my two birdhouses, but haven't started building nests yet as of 4-11-18. They are currently trying to choose and compete for the birdhouses, and it will be interesting to see who ends up building nests.  Something already new: a female swallow attacking another female swallow inside the office birdhouse, forcing her out of it.

The USTREAM channel shows a screen split into 4 quadrants for each of the 4 cameras (showing the inside/outside of each different birdhouse).  When viewing the live USTREAM channel, be sure to also check out the "About" text for a chronology of current and prior activity, equipment used,  and do please click to Follow the channel and add any comments.  Feel free to share these links with anyone else who may be interested.


Ray Arkin

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