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Anyone see a spider attack a hatch-ling like this before?

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Checkout this link to a video of a spider attack on a Chickadee hatch-ling and then the Chickadee mom removing the spider from the nest.  In my previous post about this spider attack I shared the link to all my videos of swallow/chickadee nesting activities and events.  I realized I should have titled this one as this question since I'd like to back from people in case anyone else has ever seen this:


When I asked a couple Entomologists about this, as well as the Cornell University Ornithology Lab, nobody had heard of this happening before.  The entomologist thought it was a Jumping spider, and at this point after looking up things online, I think it's a Bold Jumper of some kind:


Here's the the link to all the videos and the link to my live USTREAM of the birdhouse nesting this season:



LINK TO RECORDED VIDEOS OF NESTING ACTIVITIES: (can be viewed and/or downloaded)


I'll be interested in any similar sightings...


Eugene, OR


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Yes, the spider did bite the hatch-ling, and the next day it died.  That's why I'm curious if anyone has heard of this before.  There is also video (in my other link to videos) of that mom removing the dead chick later from the nest. Pretty interesting stuff.

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