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Sam Sue James

Orange-crowned Warbler or Hybrid?

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Hi! Can someone tell me if this is an Orange-crowned Warbler, a Hybrid of one, or something else? And if it is a Hybrid of an Orange-crowned Warbler, do you know what it might be a Hybrid with? I have seen many Orange-crowned Warblers, but never one that looked like this. These photos were taken at Serrano Creek Park in Lake Forest, CA. 4/4/18. Thank you!

39780397220_877b0cdd36.jpgOrange-crowned Warbler or hybrid 1 by SamSueJames, on Flickr

41547891652_ce19451b0b.jpgOrange-crowned Warbler or hybrid 2 by SamSueJames, on Flickr

41588471481_58b9262a39.jpgOrange-crowned Warbler or hybrid 3 by SamSueJames, on Flickr

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Apparently, when they forage in Eucalyptus buds and flowers, the sap stains and mats the feathers together, making them look like this.

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