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I was down in the Bow River valley in Calgary Alberta and saw these birds....thoughts? (Sorry the pictures go from ok, to bad to horrible and then back to ok)


Juvenile Northern goshawk?  I think this is the same bird I saw a couple of weeks ago and posted about (https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/topic/170582-bird-of-prey-help/&tab=comments#comment-1048566). These pictures were taken on April 15th at the Bow River valley in Calgary Alberta. If it is, would this be a juvenile from last year? When do Goshawks switch to having adult plumage?



I have no idea what this bird is. I saw it flying overhead above the Bow river in Calgary. When looking at any of the shore birds (long legged or smaller birds), many of them hold their legs straight back behind them when they fly, but I don't see any legs in these pictures while the bird is flying. Due to it being dusk and shooting upwards at the bird flying, there is not much colour to go off of. I would say the bird is about Canadian goose size, maybe a bit smaller (wingspan and body length). 



Saw this hawk being chased and attacked by a raven. My first thought was red tailed hawk. Due to low lighting, the pictures are blurry.  (Bow river valley Calgary yesterday)



Saw this hawk at a marsh/prairie field this morning. When it was on the side of the road it was definitely a grey colour on the head and back. I am fairly certain it had a red eye, but this is going off of the photos. Using the iBird app, I narrowed it down to the sharp shinned hawk, broad-winged hawk and the northern goshawk. Based on size and the barring on the chest, I am leaning towards the sharp-shinned.



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So, yes to the first -- juvenile Goshawk. The undersides are awfully finely marked, but the head pattern fits, the streaking extends all the way to the undertail coverts, and it's got a nice clean pale bar on the secondary coverts. He'll start molting fairly soon. (I suppose he may have already started, actually -- but he's not very far along if he has.)

Looks like a Long-billed Curlew. The tail seems so pointed because the feet stick out just beyond the center of the tail. Incidentally, this is a great example of how hard size is to judge in the field. These guys are about the length of a Mallard, with just about the same wingspan (although they weigh half as much), so they're right at the very bottom end of Cackling Geese, nowhere near the size of even a small Canada. Third bird, yes to Red-tailed Hawk, and fourth, I agree with Sharpie. The face pattern in the fourth shot is quite clear.

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