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Barred Owl behavior question

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We have a pair of Barred Owls that we see and hear pretty frequently in the woods behind our house. A few times since we moved here 4 years ago, they have gotten close enough to get photos of them, usually just one of them, but on occasion we have seen them together.  I think the time last year that they were together, they were courting or grooming each other. 

At Thanksgiving last year, I saw one of them fly into a huge tree that I can just see well enough with my binoculars, from my family room window. So I decided to keep an eye on that spot pretty much every day since then. Almost every day, but NOT every day, I do see the owl at that spot, and sometimes I see both of them there. Sometimes they are right next to each other, almost as though they are trying to stay warm by huddling together. Other times, they are near each other, but maybe on different branches. 

I am assuming they are mates because I have seen them grooming and what looks like kissing to me. The most recent time was about a week ago. It was cold and they stayed near each other for hours that day. I'm pretty sure that these two can see me looking at them sometimes. They look straight at me. I'm guessing that tree is about 250-300 feet away. I try not to get too close, because they seem unnerved by my noticing them. 

I learned a couple of weeks ago that there's a pair of Barred Owls near here that are recent parents. They are the ones that can be seen near Indianapolis on the Wild Birds Unlimited owl cam. I didn't realize that Barred owls have their babies so early in the year. I've heard our pair caterwauling a time or two in the last month or two. Mostly I just hear them call back and forth. 

Is it too late for "my" owls to have finished breeding for the season? Are there any ways to tell where they might have a nest? I'm assuming that one or both would be with the eggs to incubate and/or watch for predators. Today, the one owl is in the same spot, and I watched him as he called to the other. She returned the call (or maybe the second one is the he?). 

Any advice on what I should look for or be alert to as far as behavior? Right now the new Spring growth is just appearing on the trees, so I may only be able to see that tree from my window for just a while longer. Thanks for any insights into their habits and behaviors.

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I'm going to bump this back to the top. I'm not sure I asked it in the right forum, but I didn't know where else to ask.

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