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raking safflower seeds onto the ground in record time

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 Hello! I am new to this site and am very excited to be a member. I absolutely love birds and have several feeders. I was having trouble with cowbirds and starlings ravaging my black oil sunflower seeds. I did resolve this problem with safflower seeds! It made all the difference!  However, now, I have noticed some small finch like birds raking the food out of the feeder and spilling it all over the ground.  They managed to remove 1/3 of the freshly filled feeder in a matter of an hour or two. Just wondering what all this is about. So much for my euphoria for resolving my cowbird problem. Aaauuuggghhhhrrrr!!!!!

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Welcome to Whatbird! Can you describe the birds? What color were they? Were there any other distinguishing features?

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