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Hi Fellow Bird Watchers! I just looked at my backyard bird feeder and saw a tiny ( finch sized) brilliantly blue bird with as brilliant a canary yellow beak as I have ever seen!That bright yellow beak was riveting .  At first I thought it was part of my vivid blue birdfeeder. I tried to get a photo through my screened window but it did not take a good one at the distance and through the older screen . At first I thought Indigo Bunting but they don’t have yellow beaks . A small brownish tan bird of the same size was feeding on the ground near it- the female I wondered? When I attempted to open my back door to get a closer look they flew away . I saw some other posts from 2007!! where people were discussing these birds all puzzled by the vivid blue and the yellow beaks . Any ideas out there? Any other sightings in the northeast ( I’m in Western NY near the Canadian border . Thanks !! 

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